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Dear Mom Across The Bay

on January 22, 2015

Dear Mom Across The Bay,

I’m not sure how many days have gone by since I first saw you in the waiting room. Your red rimmed eyes confirmed that your child was just down the hall somewhere near my own in the PICU. I have been praying for your child and family since that first moment. My heart rejoiced with every smile that crossed your face for I know that means a victory occurred, no matter how small. And it sank with sadness and fear every time I saw yours sinking. We began to pass each other more frequently as both of our children became more sick and moved to the open bay. Your hair became a bit more tousled and eyes drooped from the lack of sleep. Yet my heart warmed to see the large number of family and friends that support you. Seeing you was like looking in the mirror. I still had not met you, but felt a bond that is hard to explain. We shared something that I wish no mother had to experience. It was not long before I realized who you were. I had heard about your family and how loved each of you are by so many staff and volunteers here. I think that is common when you have a child with chronic medical issues. My prayers became stronger. I wanted to hug you. I am sad that I did not.

This morning as I made my way to early morning rounds I noticed the waiting room was emptier. The sign for your family was no longer on the door of a conference room to provide a private space for your many supporters. And when I walked through the bay doors and saw your son’s area vacant I exhaled. I panicked. I knew. As a mother, I felt the pain that you must be feeling now. I want you to know I am sorry. I want you to know that you, your family and your son are loved by people who have never officially met you all. My family has prayed for yours and will continue to. My family is crying with yours today. Thoughts and prayers go out to you from the mom a few bay rooms away.


One response to “Dear Mom Across The Bay

  1. marge bowden says:

    more and more pieces of our heart are torn away….don’t know them but heart bleeds for them….Lord…please continue to heal us…so that we may continue to be your Jesus in the flesh to such a big hurting world………..

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