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Chicken Shawarma

on January 23, 2015

So far, the year 2015 has been quite stressful for my family. We started off with a trip to the emergency room first thing and have been in the hospital with Audrey every day of 2015. Her health has worsened to the point of being put on a life support called ECMO. A few of the doctors and I discussed how every person copes with stress differently. In fact, that discussion was had at several different points in my day. I must really look worn out! 😉 When I mentioned eating as my coping mechanism several of them piped in with “it’s chicken shawarma day!”


Now, you cannot spend as much time in this hospital as Audrey and I without hearing about the legendary chicken shawarma. Historically, this infamous dish has been served on Fridays in the main cafeteria. Recently, you can find it on Tuesdays in the Get Away and Play Cafe as well. I know that the majority of Audrey’s main medical team look forward to these days purely for this little treat. So, how is it that I have never had the chicken shawarma experience? It may have something to do with the line that wraps out of the cafeteria. One would think that you should just grab something quick from the empty side of the cafeteria. Let me assure you that if a hospital cafeteria has one (I echo one) line this long and no lines elsewhere you should probably just get in line.


I am positive that I chose to bypass this line on many occasions. However, today my support team (Audrey’s medical team) warned me that the line looks horrendous but moves quickly. When lunch time came I ventured downstairs to the main cafeteria, found the longest line and got in it. Two hospital employees stood just in front of me chatting. As we waited I became nervous that I may be in the wrong line. But they assured me this was where to get some chicken shawarma. One of them warned me to be prepared because they move quick with the orders. I felt my stomach start to tighten. How could I be prepared when I didn’t really know what “shawarma” was. I mean we’ve all seen chicken, but this was a new territory for me! My turn came to order and I loudly and firmly called out “chicken shawarma combo please!” I was pretty proud of myself until I realized there was more to that order. What? What was the man behind the counter asking me? I swear it was a foreign language! I turned to the ladies ahead of me in line and then back to the server. Eventually, I just pointed and said, “give me what she ordered!” Haha! I must have looked like such a mess, unable to make a simple decision. But seriously, I have had a lot on my mind lately with Audrey.


Several of the medical staff had told me this dish had garlic. I decided to grab a brownie just in case lunch was a bust and I needed a chaser. Here is what a chicken shawarma lunch at the U looks like (plus a soda and dessert).


And here is what was left….


Any questions?

So if you find yourself at the University of Michigan Main or Mott hospital on chicken shawarma day, please just get in line! You will not be disappointed with the perfect balance of garlic, chicken and pita in this dish. Just be ready when it’s your turn!


4 responses to “Chicken Shawarma

  1. Marie AhKao says:

    That is HILARIOUS!! Glad it brought you a little peace and enjoyment!

  2. splein2014 says:

    Ok… Going through serious denial of my chicken Schwarma Tuesdays in Japan! Hummus does not exist over here, let alone Schwarmas. Ahhhhh what I would do to have one! Please enjoy them for me… With a side of the white garlic sauce! PS I’m guessing Christianne or Tiffany told you about these infamous treats 🙂 thinking of you! Xxoo

  3. Kelly says:

    Ha! I’ve only been here a week and I have already had chicken shawarma! I was standing in line anxiously looking at the menus and a lady behind me said” Get the chicken shawarma!” …so I did! Yummy!

  4. Emily L says:

    Glad you found something so tasty to help give you a little pep in your step 🙂

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