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Rock Your Socks

on March 21, 2017

Today is March 21st. It’s a special day. Not only is this the day after my oldest son’s birthday, his actual due date, but it is World Down Syndrome Awareness Day. On this day many people blessed to know a person with Down Syndrome will rock their funky socks in hopes that one person will mention them and ask why creating the opportunity to educate them on the beauty we have been blessed with.

I have to be straightforward. There was a time not too long ago that I knew nothing about Down Syndrome. If you are like I was then today is for you. My world was rocked on August 6, 2013 when my beautiful daughter Audrey was born. It was clear that my ignorance would soon become a thing of the past. You see, Audrey rocked that one little extra chromosome, the one that that meant she was a person with Down Syndrome. 

My biggest fear was if people of the world would accept her for the beautiful creation of God she was. I began to research. Do you know what I found? It’s pretty simple. Audrey was born with an extra chromosome. There are no set “rules” as to how having an extra chromosome can affect a person. Just as there are no set rules for you or I. It could mean that Audrey would have a bit harder time reaching milestones. Learning may take a little more work. Heck… it takes me work, too. 

Soon, I was able to put all of my fears aside, all but one. That nagging about how others would accept her. Now, Audrey was born with some medical challenges completely unrelated to that extra chromosome. These caused her to spend many days hospitalized. Through this time our family built a Facebook page to keep everyone updated on her health. It didn’t take long for over 13,000 people to follow her journey, to pray for her, to love her , and to accept her. My fears related to Down Syndrome melted away. Our family met other beautiful people rocking that chromosome. 

On Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Audrey passed away due to complications of her medical challenges. Today, I rock my funky socks for all the people rocking that chromosome who have entered my life, but mostly for my daughter. I could have missed out on one of the most amazing blessings in my life. I thank God I did not. 

Sweet Girl, Mama loves you. Mama misses you. Mama is wearing those same socks that once covered my feet next to your hospital bed, only today my toes poke through the ends. I’ll never throw them out. Eventually, I may sew the holes shut. Then again, maybe I won’t. One thing is certain. I look back on that silly ignorance and fear I once contained and shake my head. You taught me a love deeper than most will ever know. Thank you, Audrey. 


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