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Happy Birthday Twiggins

on August 6, 2016

My Dear Audrey,     Today is your birthday. As we celebrate your twin brother turning three years old you will forever remain 18 months. Mommy’s heart hurts so much sweet girl. I see him growing and learning. Your friends are, too. I wonder what what you would look like today. How long would your hair be? Would It be in piggy tails? Your brother and friends are walking, dancing, and singing. I watch them play and see them learning new things. I am always so excited and happy to see what they are learning. Yet sometimes I am sad and jealous, too. I wish that you were still here. I wish that I could see you doing these things. 

     Sweet Cricket, Mommy knows you have received the best gift possible. Heaven. For that I am eternally grateful. Your life has touched more than any of us here on earth can comprehend and it continues to do so. Your pure love is a testament to how Jesus lived. It is a goal for me to work toward. I am humbled and awed by the power of your story. And though the earthly side of it was short, it continues. Your story lives on and is spreading. Many have been and will continue to be helped by the legacy that is Audrey Ann (Cricket) Wiggins. You are forever in my heart baby girl. I am blessed that you were mine. 

     Today, I hope you celebrate. I hope you sing. I hope you dance in the field of flowers. I hope you smell the lilacs. I hope you walk… Heck… Run baby girl. I hope you enjoy your birthday with the Angels. Mostly, I hope you feel loved. You are so very loved. Eat cake and ice cream. Blow out the candles. Make a wish. Celebrate baby girl just as we all will be celebrating you and Asher. 



3 responses to “Happy Birthday Twiggins

  1. Lisa says:

    Hugs and prayers for your family.

  2. Uncle Paul & Aunt Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Audrey Heaven is having a great Big party for you and your brother is celebrating here..Hug’s sweet Girl

  3. Sandy Keryk says:

    Happy birthday little twiggins.

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