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Being Brave for a Miracle: Bravery Bucket List Itsm 1

on October 8, 2015

Tonight I will check off the first item on my Bravery Bucket list in honor of Audrey at the opening night of the Miracle Worker. I will be playing the part of Kate Keller, mother to Hellen. The moment pictured here is the hardest for me. My line is, “every day she slips further away. And I don’t know how to call her back.” That line resonates with me losing Audrey. I fought hard for her to be healthy and stay here with me. That was not meant to be our story. It’s hard to come to terms with with a life story that does not match your dream. But even in this darkness, I see light. I see beauty. I saw it in my daughter. I see it in the many children we have met because of her journey.
As the curtains open tonight, I will be setting aside many fears. Good bye stage fright, fear of judgement and criticism, at least for a short time as I take on the character of Kate Keller. I will be brave as I show the bullock creek area the emotional difficulty of mothering a child society deems as “special” or possibly even a “nuisance.” My prayer is that the blessings and love received will outshine all of those difficulties. My goal is to boldly show people that every single life has meaning and is worth any difficulty experienced. My hope is that even one person realizes that we can live in fear of our dreams not coming true or embrace the beauty that God has blessed us with. What a beautiful journey we are blessed to walk when that happens.  



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