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Through the Eyes of a Child

on June 14, 2015

imageI held one half of my “Twiggins” in my arms the other in my heart as the cashier scanned and bagged our groceries. A little boy sitting on a bench near our lane caught my older son’s attention. Bailey walked over to see what video game he was playing on the Nintendo DS. I kept an eye on him as the cashier continued to scan. What I witnessed was a simply beautiful conversation.

“Oh, I have that game!” Bailey took a step closer.

The little boy never looked up from his game as he said, “I have a sister. She’s seven. I’m five.”

I held my breath and firmly planted my feet on the ground. My instinct was to go collect my son and protect him from any hurt this conversation may cause. But I did not. Bailey said, “I had a sister.”

Neither boy looked up from the gaming system. The little boy asked, “where is she? Did she die?”

By this point I had silent tears threatening to spill over. I started to take a step forward, but stopped as he replied, “yes. She was one.”

Neither boy spoke another word. The other mom finished paying and collected her child from the bench. The once silent tears spilled over with some newly added sniffles.

It was such a simple, beautiful conversation. A topic that becomes awkward and socially feared for most adults came out so easily for these two children. I’m so thankful that I did not interfere with this moment. It was a gift to see how kids can handle raw life. I wish more adults could follow this example. I wish life could be so simple.


2 responses to “Through the Eyes of a Child

  1. Sandy Keryk Gladwin Rehab Services says:

    Bittersweet and beautiful.

  2. out of the mouth of babes they understand more than u think

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