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Can we talk about the “common” cold?

on January 11, 2015

Can we talk about the “common” cold today? You know that “little” virus that has been going around lately? Most people go home, eat chicken noodle soup and rest until they feel better. This year viruses have been knocking people on their butts for weeks, or so I hear. Maybe you have found yourself sitting in a steam filled bathroom or hanging over a vaporizer to drain out all of that yucky, thick mucus making your chest feel heavy. Or you have taken an over the counter medication to find some relief. And thank heavens for that relief because work, the store, your social agenda (input any activity requiring you to bring your germs out of your home) is persistently calling out your name. And let’s face it, you just can’t handle watching one more rerun episode of ” the Walking Dead.” Oh how blessed it feels when all you have left is a little runny nose and some occasional coughs. I mean, you are feeling good enough to go grab some eggs, meet the girls for lunch and heck you may even manage to get through a shift at work!

Can I stop you right here? Did you know that when you sneeze you release millions of tiny particles into the air? Others can breathe those particles carrying the virus in and become infected. Sometimes, a person can carry the virus without showing any symptoms of being sick. For this reason it is important to always cover you mouth when you cough or sneeze. But don’t stop there! Once you have coughed, sneezed or even touched your mouth, eyes or any body part containing mucus membranes please wash your hands. You may not feel like they are “dirty” but germs could still be there. If you do not wash your hands those germs can be transferred to any object you touch (door knob, tissue box, your child’s toys) and infect anyone who then comes into contact with the object. If you are symptomatic, please stay home until those symptoms resolve to avoid sharing the germs. And if you absolutely must go out, wear a mask to reduce the risk of sharing (even if you feel silly or people are staring).

I know what you are thinking. This is common sense. Why is she so passionate about this? Because a runny nose to you is an ambulance ride to the emergency room for my daughter. A slight tickle in your throat is her admission to the hospital. A low grade fever for someone otherwise healthy is a stay in the PICU for my sweet girl. Your common cold is my child’s life support necessity.

Have you ever stood in the room and watched medical staff squeeze air into your child’s lungs to keep him or her alive? I have. It was not because she was in a car accident or other traumatic event. It was because she contracted a common cold. As I type this, my daughter lays medically paralyzed. A machine is forcing breaths into her lungs. I cannot hold her. She cannot play. Her eyes are hiding behind the medically induced sleep. So, I beg you to keep your germs at home. Do not spread them at the grocery store or work. Practice good hygiene and wear a mask if you must leave your home. Please do not allow your common cold to become my child’s death sentence.





11 responses to “Can we talk about the “common” cold?

  1. Shari says:

    I am a lab tech and I fully understand the consequences when I leave my home with any sickness. I hate when I’m at the store and someone passes by me hacking their germs in the air; I hold my breath in the hopes of not contracting their sickness. If people payed a little more attention and just stayed home that extra day, a lot of immune compromised people wouldn’t be unnecessarily be put at risk. I’m praying for your baby girl and I hope she gets well soon.

  2. StingyNina says:

    I stood in line at Walmart and watched this adorable, curly haired, little girl play with a princess flip phone…..snot running down her lips, and all over the phone….she dropped it a few times, and ‘mom’ picked it up and gave it back to her adorable little atomic bomb of snot….when she was finally done with her order, she took the phone away from the little bomb, and put it back on the shelf!! OMG I was never so grossed out in my whole life!! I will NOT let my grandchildren even TOUCH anything in those isles after seeing that!! What is wrong with people!!

  3. Our daughter is now past this phase, but there was a time we feared for her in the same vain. I’m so sorry for people’s inconsiderate actions. Just yesterday two women behind me at Starbucks were talking. One was sneezing and sounded stuffed and sick. I was furious. My husband and two kids and I have just been relieved of this season’s nasty cold and we stayed in and quarantined ourselves. Praying for your beautiful girl.

  4. Theresa Moore says:

    I understand the very real concerns and dangers, especially when you have a child with extreme health issues. You are in for a rough ride with little Audrey.. whether germs are speed because a co-worker is sick or your are exposed to someone in a store or your other children get something from a case mate. Kids are germ factories. i went through this when my daughter was a baby and in preschool. I was diligent and tired to be careful. I even went nose to nose with a mother who sent her gurgling snotkin to school. And boy did I get an earful.. about her rights and her chids rights and she needed to go to work and her kid would be in school unless the child was running a fever over 100.6 degrees. I complained to the director of the school and while she sympathized, it was like “hey thats the way it is” . This is an ugly fact of life. Nobody is going to take into consideration what your child is going through ~ they are thinking of themselves and their own convenience.

  5. Brandie says:

    Wow! I can so relate to you. I’ve had to take my son to the hospital for two stents over the past three weeks due to the “common” cold.
    The second time was after I trusted my mother Inlaw who said she just had a “tickle in her throat” so it was just allergies and she held him. (He’s only 6 weeks old right now.) His wheezing and coughing are terrible and it makes me so sad that he keeps getting so sick. I’ve been watching people like a hawk and you’re right they don’t realize how fast they’re spreading germs. I’ve seen someone reusing the same tissue over and over and then pick up toys etc before washing their hands. It’s tough to keep my son well when this stuff is going on in my own home by his grandmother who is here to meet him. Too bad the common cold doesn’t come with common sense because seeing your child in the hospital is heart wrenching. Thanks for writing this article.

  6. Lauren Lefler says:

    I love reading your story. You are a very strong woman and Momma! Audrey is certainly a loved baby =) I am keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. alison says:

    I am currently in a situation somewhat similar to yours. My daughter underwent open heart surgery December 4th and has basically been put through the ringer since. The start of where we currently are is one of two things either sick carerakers who showed up for work or poor choices by the hospital to move her off the cccu to an intermediate floor full of viral respiratory illness. She was on the vent for 18 days after her surgery because her lungs were so sick from having the hole and then she acquired pneumonia from being on the vent so long. Sending her to a unit full of sick kids with respiratory issues bad idea, and as a nurse myself I can say if your sick call in especially if you work in an intensive care unit! She has since been rehospitalized two times and this most recent with type a influenza. For the last 2 months I’ve sat at my daughters bed side away from my other 4 children and watch my child get poked and prodded and most of this could have been prevented like you said. I really feel for your situation it’s not fair your daughter has to go through this because alot of it is preventable. I will continue to pray for your little baby girl. She reminds me alot of my daughter Emily.

  8. Mellissa says:

    Couldn’t agree more I ahve lived this nightmare 3 times already with my little boy. And it never gets any easier it is still just as scary as the first time.

  9. Tori says:

    I lived with this fear when my son was a infant, my prayers go out to you and your little girl, I did watch them squeeze air into him a few times more then I care to remember, back then he had something he was blessed to out grow, and by age 3 he did, but every time he was around anyone who was sniffling we ended up in the hospital in respiratory distress, we’ve flown to Children’s Hospital many times, today he’s 32 and he has Alpha 1, which has put us back in a life or death situation with the common cold, flu, virus or what ever is going around, with this genetic disorder he only has 14% of his lungs left at this point, Alpha 1 is like genetic emphysema and he is in need of a lung transplant, he was the second person in the US to use a machine they are waiting for fda approval on, called the “Hemolung” something very much needed to lower the co2 which builds up when they can’t breathe and from being on the respirator as well, it’s like dialysis for the lungs and its a life savor! We need! NOW! I know what your saying here and its very frustrating and its just common sense, but because you are the mom of a sick child, you understand, no one gets how truly blessed they are, like a mother of a sick child, So gab your masks, cause we have to be the ones who ware the mask, carry the Lysol and the germ cleaners and maybe when they see you/us coming they will take their coughs as far away as they can! And as hard as we try, sadly we still get colds.

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