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How digging through trash humbled me

on December 9, 2014

My days are often busy caring for an eight year old and two 16 month olds (one with extra medical needs). The stress can take over quick. This morning was an example of that. I woke to what the feeding tube world knows as a “fed bed.” This is when something happens to cause your tube fed child’s food to spill out onto the bed instead of reaching the intended destination of her stomach. In this instance, I believe I failed to close Audrey’s medport after giving her night medications. It is not fun to clean up a fed bed. Picture when somewhen gets sick and vomits all over in their sleep. Ew! Yep, that is exactly what I was dealing with. My morning was not starting out well at all! I rushed around feeding, changing and cleaning babies. Oh yeah, and that eight year old? He manages to get himself ready for school, but I still must feed him, prepare lunch and help him remember all of his belongings.
Yes, mornings around here are stressful. So, when I took a moment to reflect on my eight year old’s all A honor roll status things may have gotten a bit out of hand. I wanted a picture of him holding his award certificate so I could post how proud of him I am to all my facebook friends and family. He did not want to take the picture and I ended up with blurred photos of my child trying to hide.

Before you knew it we were arguing, saying mean things we didn’t intend to say and throwing Christmas presents away. It was horrible. You are probably thinking, “wow! Who is the parent here?” So was I. After a few minutes of getting myself in check I called Bailey into the room. I explained to him why I wanted the picture and that it was ok if he didn’t want me to take and post the picture. We hugged, cried and forgave each other.
A few minutes later I found him digging through the trash. He was looking for the Christmas gift he intended to give me but had instead thrown away during our argument. He looked up and through tears asked if he had a dentist appointment before Christmas. You see, my sweet son had chosen a ring out of the treasure chest to give me instead of something for himself as a reward for being good at his last dentist appointment. It may not have cost a fortune or be a diamond, but that ring means the world to me. In fact, I am more proud of Bailey for choosing to put someone before himself than I will ever be of his honor roll status. I came home from dropping Bailey at school, put on some gloves and I found that ring.





2 responses to “How digging through trash humbled me

  1. Karen & Paul says:

    so sweet..you deserve it..Merry Christmas to all of you…Love from Aunt Karen & Uncle Paul Petzold

  2. tanjoven says:

    My goodness – your story brings tears my eyes. I am following you on Audrey’s Army on FB and your posts and pictures have already made me cry. I’m sharing your story on FB and on my blog (just started). My Luke is 1 year old and also has down syndrome. We love him dearly and I can tell you love your children very much as well. During Christmas break, my 6 year old son went to a day camp and they went to a place similar to Chuck E. Cheese. He was so excited to come home and give me a ring he used his tickets to buy. He asks me if I’m wearing the ring often. Your story reminds me of ours so much. I put on this ring as soon as I read this.

    We have tried for years to have Luke. I ended up seeing a reproductive immunologist who would monitor blood flow to the uterus and I took all kinds of meds/supplements to calm my immune system down. I’m a type 1 diabetic and have hashimotos, so my immune system attacked any pregnancies after my son (typically don’t have a problem until after you have a baby and your body becomes primed for having fertility/miscarriage problems). I had bleeding at 5w, 0d and I know the doctor I saw is the reason why Luke is here today. I wonder if you may have had similar experiences.

    We knew about Luke’s down syndrome prenatally through Materniti21 and I refused an amnio as I didn’t want to risk an already high risk pregnancy. So we believe Luke is meant to be with us. I know you have had such a difficult journey and I know so many people are praying for little Audrey. I’m watching her progress closely and will be keeping her in my thoughts and prayers often. Please, please let her be all right.

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