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on December 1, 2013

Although. Thanksgiving has come and gone our family continues to be thankful for so much. It has been just over a week since Audrey had the surgery to repair her esophagus. I’ll skip all of the details and get straight to the results. Her repair was successful and has been studied. She contains no leaks or strictures at this time. We are ecstatic about this and praise God for this news!

This journey is hardly over. Audrey is on a long road to recovery. Several things must happen before she can go home. She took care of the first one and self extubated the other night. The current goal is getting her completely over the pneumonia and in a better place respiratory wise. This will likely take the longest for her. It sounds like they will repeat the esophogram and an echocardiogram at some point and do a swallow test.

According to one of the surgeons, if everything goes smoothly we could go home in as little as three weeks. However, Audrey’s little body does not typically allow things to go smoothly. So, while we’re optimistically hopeful we are also realistically grounded. Our little princess will come home with several things Mommy and Daddy will need training to take care of. Over the next few weeks we will be learning how to run her feeding pump and prepare her milk to be fed through her j tube, what medicines she will need and how to change an ostomy bag and hollister clamp. This all makes Mommy nervous, but doctors assure us we can handle it.

We want to thank everyone for all of the thoughts, prayers, cards, Facebook notes and gifts that have been sent. I wish we were able to sit and write each of you individual thank you notes for your generosity and caring. Please, keep the prayers coming. This journey is not over and will not end when we go home.

Love and hugs from WeWiggins! ❤ and we hope you enjoy some pictures from our Thanksgiving celebration.









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