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One hundred

on November 14, 2013

Yesterday was a milestone day for Asher and Audrey. They turned 100 days old. A lot has happened in that 100 days. I’ll highlight the recent victories and plan for you all. Asher has started rolling over. No more leaving him on the couch alone! He is also very social with singing and telling stories. Our little guy can sit up like a pro in his bumbo seat and pushes up on his arms from his belly like a champ.

Both Twiggins have found their hands. Asher puts his straight into his mouth and gums it since he is teething. Audrey loves to watch hers as she brings it in towards her nose and eventually snags her cannula and repogle. They also can both grab and hold toys though Audrey requires a bit more help. It is so great to see them playing more. Little Miss hit a huge milestone this week. She has made it to 8 pounds! This is pretty exciting to us!

Our baby girl will have her gap scoped and sized for what we are hoping to be the final time on Friday, Novemeber 22nd. If all goes well the surgeons are talking about repairing her during Thanksgiving week instead of waiting until December. Yay! This swould hopefully allow us to go home a bit sooner and spend time as a family more often. Mommy would love that and love seeing her biggest little man, Bailey more often. He has been doing awesome in school and collecting pop can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House of Ann Arbor. He has also taken up wrestling since I’ve been gone and seems to be enjoying it. And now I will leave you with some favorite pictures…










2 responses to “One hundred

  1. Lisa says:

    They are both so precious! Asher has such a cute smile and I love the little thumbs up from Audrey! ❤ (is that you she is looking at in that one pic? Love seeing her alert!)

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