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on August 10, 2013

“He is perfect.”

Those words have been told to us by doctors, nurses, med students, residents and fellows. Every one of them sincere and loving in their comments. For a while yesterday though, they were words I came to despise.

They aren’t wrong. He is perfect. My Asher is amazing. His name means “happy blessing” and he has fit the bill so far. Quiet, strong, active, observant and handsome. I bantered with him this morning about a trip to BWs. His eyes perked up when I said “wings”, so I asked him what kind. He grunted. “Boneless, of course.” I asked him how many. He lifted a hand and raised his fingers. “Four?” I asked. He flinched and added a thumb to the mix. “Oh, five! You must be hungry.” He smacked his lips. “What sauce?” He fussed a bit. “I think we will stay away from Blazing until you can wipe your own rear.” (At that point Mom laughed.). “Yeah, you’re probably right. Maybe a nice mild honey barbecue.” He sighed. I agree. A sigh says a lot.

Yesterday Asher ventured outside the walls of the hospital for the very first time. He had an appointment. Like the rock that he is, he was plowing ahead to his first visit to the pediatrician. She asked some questions, looked at him and his chart and said those words. “He is perfect.” I wanted to cry, but instead I just sighed. I’d like to have reacted as I should to such a reassuring compliment, but it’s just not in me yet. I was actually crushed. The stark contrast to the parade of pokes, prods, procedures and prognosis that his sister has had to endure brought a tear to my eye. Christina knew it. She saw it on my face. As we got in the car, she said ” You know, she is perfect too.” I sighed.

My eye sight really isn’t bad. Christina rolls her eyes when I tell her that tiny fractional number that is my prescription. You see, if I leave the house in a hurry and forget to put in my contacts, it’s OK. It doesn’t jeopardize my driving. I can still read the computer screen. Maybe not the deer in the distant fields or the hawk circling the treetops over Sanford lake, but… What I would have said here was that those are just the little things. Those little things that suddenly have so much more meaning. Now that I think about it, I forgot to put in my contacts yesterday. I couldn’t quite see things right. Not physically, but spiritually and emotionally. With a few simple, but prophetic words, my wife handed me different set of lenses. Just the prescription I needed to refocus.

She is perfect too.

My Audrey is exactly what God made her to be. She is a fighter. She is beautiful. She is touching hearts. She is perfect. Sure, she was handed some challenges, but that doesn’t change who she is. As I was reminded yesterday by a very wise cousin, Audi is a daughter of the One whose very name means Love. However much my heart breaks for her little body, his heart rejoices a thousand times more for his newest, sweetest creation. He knew her before she was born and He is using her to change my heart, my mind and my perspective.

Dr Newman came in to do rounds today. She is the amazing surgeon that put in Audrey’s G tube. She used the words beautiful and strong. She gushed over her with a wide smile. She told us that “She is progressing perfectly!” She sees it.

You know, she is perfect too.


3 responses to “Perfect

  1. Marilyn Betts says:

    We told you that you 2 would have perfect beautiful children .And from what we see from all the pic they are just as beautiful as ther big brother BMW . .Plus there mom & dad . Love you .

  2. vicki levasseur says:

    Ok Josh that brought tears to my eyes. But you are right God is stretching and growing your faith. No matter what lies ahead you will never b the same. Such a relief to have such a BIG God caring and carrying us.

  3. Marissa says:

    She is perfect because she was created by a perfect God! 🙂 They both are! Thanks for sharing the real deal with us, I like to follow along and see how God work in the lives of others, He is SO good! I look forward to meeting my sweet little Twiggins cousins!

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