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Inch by Inch

on August 9, 2013

It’s going to be the little things. It’s going to be slowing down enough to notice (and appreciate) those tiny bits of progress. Huge leaps are great, don’t get me wrong. But I will venture a guess that huge leaps are going to be few and far between for us right now. At this point, God has brought our “on the go, run around, crazy busy” lives to a screeching halt. He has told us to be still. Not just for a few minutes, or a couple hours, or even several days, but for weeks. We have just wrapped up day 2 of the Twiggins Marathon and we know its going to be a long one. So for sanity’s sake, it will be by His grace and appreciation of the little things that we are going to get through this.

– Audrey worked herself of the ventilator from yesterday’s surgery. She wanted that darn tube out! She has some great little lungs!
– Christina got herself discharged. She’s not back to marathon running yet, but she is up and around some, which is awesome!
– We got a new room! It’s just right across the hall, but this one has a window with a great view! This should be our room for the duration, so we debated how best to dress it up. The jury is still out, but they told us no paint or new furniture, so we cancelled the trip to IKEA.
– Asher tied the record for youngest non-patient visitor to the NICU (i.e. he got himself discharged people!) Now he is just a “visitor”, like his big brother Bailey!
– Mom got to see Audrey’s big blue eyes for the first time and it was great! She perked right up when she heard Christina’s voice and looked her right in the eyes!
– Bailey got to go to “Siblings Camp” here at Mott. It’s Super Hero week, so he was excited to hear that! He played some games and ventured round the campus with some new little buddies!
– Asher is learning to feed. He isn’t quite ready for his first trip to BWs, but he’s starting to get the hang of it. The burping part – nailing it! Impressive depth there for his little ~5 pound body!
– Daddy got a bigger TV with the move to a new room! I mean, if the Tigers are going to keep winning, I would much rather watch them on a 50″ TV instead of a 32″!
– Dad also discovered that the milkshake machine in the cafe can blend flavors! 2 workers thanked me tonight for showing them my “trick.” And chocolate banana…mmmmmmmm!

Some of it can just be matter of perspective when you look at the little things. Some of it is a matter of choice.

I know some of you are scared seeing pictures of Audi all hooked up with the tubes and wires. To us, we can see progress. I don’t even see the tubes. I see her deep blue eyes. I see her cute little fingernails. I hear a clear breath. The little things. The Dr that put in Audrey’s G tube yesterday told us this: “Inch by inch, its a cinch”. Not Shakespeare, I know. Not rocket science. A good reminder of where our focus should be though. All of us made inches of progress today. Some measured by the nurses, some measured simply by smiles.

Our perspective is that God blessed us with 2 amazing little babies. Our choice is to believe His plans are greater than our own.


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