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The Plan

on July 13, 2013

Yesterday we drove back to Ann Arbor to meet with more doctors and a social worker, have more tests, receive tours and ultimately develop a plan. We left with a sense of relief knowing what that is. I am currently towards the end of my 33rd week of pregnancy with Asher and Audrey. Monday will start the 34th week. We will travel back down to Ann Arbor this coming Wednesday for a full day of ultrasound and an echocardiogram. If the doctors feel that I can make the trip home, we will once again drive back to Midland.

The social worker is attempting to secure our family’s place at the Ronald McDonald house to start on Monday, July 22nd (my 35th week). In the event that a spot is not available, Josh and I will secure an alternative place to stay until a spot opens up. The doctors feel it would be best if we were closer to the hospital in the event I go into labor. There is a possibility that I could go into labor before we relocate to Ann Arbor. If this happens, We will deliver in either Midland or Saginaw. Audrey will be airlifted to U of M and Josh will accompany her. The doctors will release Asher and I sooner than normal (barring any medical reasons that would prevent this) and we will join them and Bailey at U of M. We are hoping this doesn’t happen and would prefer not to be split apart for any length of the time, but that is out of our control. If I have not gone into labor by my 37th week a c-section will be performed at U of M.

The plan for Audrey remains the same (check blog post Prayers for Audrey) as we will not know exactly what her condition is or requires until she is born. However, the staff at U of M has done an amazing job to help alleviate as much stress from us as possible. We received a tour of the NICU where Audrey will have a private room. Josh, Asher and I can sleep in her room if we wish. However, Bailey cannot. So, we will continue to stay at the Ronald McDonald house if possible and Josh and I will take turns staying with Audrey at night. My meals will be provided, but we will have to purchase meals for Josh and Bailey. They have provided every comfort possible to make this stay easier on us as parents and a family. Bailey will have the opportunity to attend a day camp each day through the remainder of the summer where staff will help him to participate in organized activities, crafts and he will experience the Ultimate Game Day Experience. We were able to view this awesome indoor playground that includes a hamster wheel, giant laser (Simon) game and other fun activities. It is great to know that Bailey will have things to engage his body and mind while we are there and not have to just sit around playing video games.

I have had several people contact me asking how they can help. First and foremost, continue to pray. Our strength in this situation is coming from God. We are praying for Audrey to have healing, for the doctors to be guided with His wisdom and for our other children to remain healthy. Secondly, there is so much that is still unknown. We were however, able to identify some areas where help would be appreciated and will update the list as our needs may change. Things that would be helpful for now:

Visa or gas cards to help with gas
Food gift cards to help with Josh and Bailey’s lunch/dinner cost. Subway is a great choice as there is one located in the hospital

If you desire to help in either of these ways you can contact me or Josh via this blog or any other contact information you may have to find out the best way to deliver those cards. If this is not a way in which you are able to help, please remember that prayer is a huge help to our family right now and very much appreciated. Thank you for all of your prayers and support. We will have another blog update by Thursday, July 18th.

Proverbs 16:24
Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

You have all been so gracious and kind to us during this struggle. Every word or offering of support has helped to lift our spirits and keep us going. Thank you!


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