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Money tree?… Anybody?

on January 28, 2011

I received a call from the fertility clinic financial counselor yesterday.  My heart was heavy after reviewing the plan options and their cost.  This isn’t to say that it will be impossible for us to pay for.  It will just take some time to save enough money.  After all, we didn’t find a money tree anywhere on our property and our insurance will not cover any of the treatments.

The good news is that while we try to figure out how to overcome the financial obstacles we’ve been faced with we can continue praying for direction from God.  And hey, if he tells us that treatments are not for us then maybe we’ll have saved enough money to go on the vacation to Bora Bora that my husband has always wanted.  Yup, that sounds good right now!

In short, we are no closer to a decision than we were the last time I updated our blog.  But we are in good spirits and deep in prayer.  Thank you for all of the prayers you have been sending our way.  This is one time when I have truly felt those prayers surrounding us.


One response to “Money tree?… Anybody?

  1. Shannon says:

    Hey Christina…sending many prayers from the other side of the world for you and Josh and Bailey! I know how strong your faith is and that you will follow His path for your life. Let me know if there’s any other specific prayers I can lift up for you!

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