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The Next Step

on January 8, 2011

On Christmas morning, Bailey was so excited to open his many gifts found under the tree.  Upon opening several of the gifts we heard, “This is so cool! I can play this with my brother I’m going to get!” 

No, we are not expecting another child, though we have been trying to have another for several years.  I have been under the care of an OB/GYN for the past year while he diagnosed and treated several illnesses that are contributing to our struggle with secondary infertility.  This week our physician recommended that we see a specialist in reproductive endocrinology.  After prayer and careful consideration we have decided upon the RE that we will be trusting our journey with and made an appointment for our first consultation to be on January 24th.

We are asking our friends and family for their prayers and support while we take this journey.  The best way that you can offer support is to check this blog for any updates on our journey instead of asking us where we are in it.  We have decided to keep everyone updated here because it is emotionally draining to have to give verbal updates to so many people.  While we don’t want anyone to be afraid to speak to us, we do hope that you understand that emotions can run high with the treatments that I have been receiving and we would prefer to enjoy our time with friends and family.  Let’s focus our together time on the blessings and joys in our lives!  There may be times that we will voluntarily offer verbal updates to you.  Don’t be afraid to talk with us or ask questions during those times.  These will likely be the times that we feel emotionally strong or really need a shoulder to cry on.

Here is a list of specific prayers we are asking for at this time:

Wisdom and the Lord’s guidance with treatments for our physician, Josh and myself

Strength to endure the emotional and physical challenges that come with this journey

Compassion for those who cannot relate with our journey. As Jesus said, “They know not what they do.”

Wisdom and the Lord’s guidance with answering Bailey’s questions appropriately

God’s healing  on our bodies and illnesses

We love all of you and will provide an update after we have seen our RE on the 24th!



One response to “The Next Step

  1. I don’t know how to set one up ,but as your step mom I pray for you ,josh & Bailey too have hope on a baby brother or sister when the time come .good luck honey . We will be home at untill the roads open up in the south . Maybe Saturday or Monday . Love Dad & Marilyn

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